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What is an infrared sauna?

Here is a better question: Are you serious about your health? If you are researching the infrared sauna, we believe that you are. You are about to enter a world that few know about and yet has huge health benefits!  We guarantee that using an infrared sauna will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. By using an infrared sauna, you can lose weight, have less pain, reduce stress, and have better looking skin than you ever have before! And these are just a few of the excellent health benefits! We have created this website to help you on your research journey. Here you can find anything you want to know about the infrared sauna and what it can do for you.

Why Should You Listen To Us?

Because we have personally experienced the health benefits of an infrared sauna.

When my wife became ill in 2010, we immediately sought  medical help. At the first Dr’s appointment, I heard the words I never want to hear again. “This is serious, very serious…”  With those five words our whole world got flipped upside down.  As the doctor tried to explain what he thought was wrong with my wife, I felt all the air being sucked out of the room. We were in our early 30’s and still had plans to fulfill, a little girl to raise, experiences we hadn’t had the chance to go after yet.  How could this be happening to us?  I don’t know if you have ever felt this way before, but it’s the most helpless feeling in the world.

After 2 years of traditional medicine, we started looking for healing alternatives. When we came across the far infrared sauna and the possibilities that it held, we became VERY excited. However, we wanted to make sure we did our research first.  I attacked the internet and researched everything I could find on the healing benefits of the infrared sauna for six months. Thankfully, we also live in a town where a major infrared sauna manufacturer is headquartered. We were able to walk in and try an infrared sauna for the first time.

After ONE infrared sauna treatment, my wife’s pain level dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. She could move better and her face looked relaxed for the first time in two years. I WAS SOLD.  I wanted to do whatever I had to do to increase my wife’s quality of life.  So I scoured the internet again to find the best infrared saunas at the best prices. After settling on one, we bought it, and ushered in a whole new quality of life for my wife.

Your story may not be as dramatic. In fact, we hope it is not. But, no matter where you are coming from, you can experience and enjoy the health benefits of the infrared sauna.  If you would like to know more about our personal story and how an infrared sauna changed our life for the better, Click Here. For everyone else, lets start at the beginning….

So, what exactly is an infrared sauna?

In order to truly understand what an infrared sauna is we should start at the beginning. A sauna is a small room or space that is heated to a high temperature.  It is used to induce sweat from the user.  One could ask, who in the world came up with the idea of sitting in a box that is heated to unreal temperatures? We have the people of Finland to thank for that. It may sound crazy to ‘relax’ inside a really hot box, but the reason saunas were first invented, estimated at 2000 years ago, doesn’t make the Finnish people sound so crazy. The winters in Finland can be exceptionally harsh.  Certain areas of the country are known to reach -5 to -30 degrees during the winter months. Oh, and did I mention that the winter months are from September – March!  Yikes!

With this is mind, making a warm place to sit out the winter months sounds like a great idea.  And that’s exactly how saunas were born. The earliest known saunas were caves dug into the side of hills and mainly used as residences in winter.  The outcropping presented a fire pit where rocks were heated to an increased temperature. Water was tossed over the hot rocks to generate vapor (i.e. steam) and to give a feeling of improved heat. This would increase the ambient heat so much that people would start shedding layers of clothes.

The Infrared Sauna

Fast forward a few thousand years and, although the concept is the same, the technology has changed for the better.  Welcome to the infrared sauna!  People still sit in hot boxes today, but instead of just heating the air in the room, the infrared sauna actually heats the user’s body directly.Infrared-sauna-heat-example

An infrared sauna harnesses the power of light rays in order to heat the body. Have you ever noticed that when you stand in the sun you can actually feel the heat as opposed to when you are standing in the shade? Well, the heat that you feel from an infrared sauna is the same kind that penetrates your skin when you stand in the sun. The infrared rays enter your skin and penetrate up to four inches deep. This may sound unsafe, but keep in mind that every person on the planet already uses infrared rays to heat their body every time they step out into the sun.  In fact, infrared heaters are what they use in hospitals to warm newborn babies.

In order to understand how an infrared sauna works, lets take a look at light rays and the spectrum of frequencies in which we experience them.  The rays of light that the sun puts off are on a spectrum.  Some light rays are visible while others are not, and some are healthy while others need to be handled with precautions.  In the diagram below, we have marked the sun rays that are harmful in red.


As you can see, the infrared light rays are in the safe zone on the spectrum of light. In fact, infrared light offers all the great health benefits of sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. For example, it is the ultra-violet frequency that gives us a sunburn from too much exposure. By understanding the safe light waves that the sun creates, we are able to recreate this effect inside of a sauna.

The Infrared Sauna Today

Today, infrared saunas are used for reasons other than just trying to stay warm.  People use them for everything from relaxation to purification and some people even use them to help combat serious illnesses and disease.  If you think about it, when a person gets sick, a lot of times a fever comes along with the ailment.  The human body uses fever and increased heat to fight off whatever is attacking.  When a user sits in a sauna, they are artificially inducing a controlled fever in their body.  This helps the body heal naturally. We have written an article that explains the benefits of infrared sauna and what happens to the body while using an infrared sauna. If you would like to learn more, please CLICK HERE.

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